Long after the big day you, your families and friends will remember the music that made your wedding special. The ConChord Big Band sets your reception apart from most others with a great mix of music to compliment the celebration and delight all your guests.

Here are some facts about weddings and receptions.

Why is live music important? Wouldn't a DJ be less expensive?

Some of the least memorable moments of your life have been spent at wedding receptions with DJ's providing the music. The variety is there, but usually there is also a loud booming sound system used to enable the DJ to scream at the audience with a fake sense of excitement. Yes, a DJ may be less expensive, but looks that way, and sounds that way.

With live music, the excitement is real and immediate, and the memory of your event will stand the test of a lifetime. When you are creating memories for the rest of your life, live music isn't really very expensive. The vitality of live music, combined with the visual impact of a big band will make your wedding the event that is remembered for all the right reasons.

Here are a few compliments

we have received:

Dear Frank,

The band was, not to beat about the bush, completely fantastic and surpassed all our expectations. I think some of our guests were truly gob-smacked.Honestly, our wedding was great and you and the band were a really important part of that, and we are very grateful and will remember the evening quite literally forever.
Christian and Jane

Dear ConChord Big Band,

What can I Say! You were outstanding and our family and friends are still talking about your performance. All your help and cooperation before and on our wedding day was most appreciated and sets you apart as a truly professional organisation. If you ever need a recommendation you have only to ask.
Grateful thanks
Peter and Helen

Dear Frank,

Although you are on my list of people to send letters to, I thought I would take this early opportunity to express my thanks for being able to experience the full 'Conchord' Big Band sound! The evening of Saturday 11th was brilliant and I have had dozens of people calling and e mailing to say how they loved the music and the vocalists and that the band made the wedding day. You appealed to all and got everyone dancing. I'll be writing to you at some point over the next month, but once again, thanks for making the day end with some Big Band style!


How long should my reception last?

We usually play for 3 hours and it is customary for the Bride and Groom to dance to the first number.
We usually play three sets with short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes. Of course everyone will have their own plans and timetable and we are more than happy fit in with your arrangements.

What will the ConChord Big Band provide ?

Apart from first class entertainment we pride ourselves on our presentation. We are smart, disciplined and audience friendly. The band dress in DJ’s with the girls in elegant dresses. All amplification is provided and we set up to avoid any disruption to your proceedings.

Do you have suggested songs for the First Dance?

You may well have a favourite song for us to play but if not we will offer ideas based on your musical tastes. Nothing too frantic, with a romantic theme and appropriate lyrics would be ideal.

How do I book the ConChord Big Band?

It is a good idea to reserve the date as soon as you book a hall for your reception. Remember, particularly in the Spring and Summer, there are many weddings and desirable venues can sometimes be hard to find. If you send us details - the date, location etc, we will quote you a firm price and if this is acceptable to you, we then require a deposit to confirm the booking.

Add to the Big Day with an Outstanding Big Band